Neck Pain

Two out of three of us will experience neck pain at some point in our lives. The role of your neck is to ensure that your eyes can focus on the horizon so that you can stay out of trouble (going back to our primitive roots), so when we hurt our neck it can be very stressful and painful.  

Most of the time it is not due to a particular injury or disease, and in fact, you may not even know why it has occurred. Often called “non-specific neck pain” it is commonly caused by minor sprains or “bad posture” – or more specifically the result of holding one position for far too long.  

Most people will recover fully so long as they follow the advice to keep moving and to change position regularly.

Neck Pain Treatment
Neck pain treatment

Neck pain and osteopathy

However, osteopaths can help to ease the symptoms related to neck pain so that you can move more easily which will aid the healing process.  

For some people, neck pain may be due to joint changes related to getting older. Whilst osteopaths cannot reverse the effect of ageing (I wish we could….!), we can help reduce the stiffness you are experiencing, and improve the movement in your neck, as well as reducing the pain, and explaining how you can take back control through lifestyle changes as well as exercise. 

With all neck pain, your osteopath will discuss your health, lifestyle, and fitness to ensure that an individualised treatment plan to reduce the associated muscle spasms, the tension in the ligaments and to get the joints moving. This may be through a wide range of techniques that may include massage, stretching, joint mobilization.

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