For 25 years, Tanya has been helping patients to get out of pain and return to the activities that are important to them.


She graduated from the British School of Osteopathy (now the University College of Osteopathy) in 1998, laying the foundation for her career in osteopathy. Committed to continuous professional development, she pursued postgraduate training in Cranial Osteopathy, further enhancing her skills and expertise in this specialized field. Additionally, in 2016, Tanya completed a yearlong postgraduate certificate in the Osteopathic Care of the Older Person, demonstrating her dedication to providing comprehensive and tailored care across a diverse range of patient demographics and needs. 


Before establishing her own practice in 2000, Tanya gained valuable experience as an associate in several clinics across Kent. Over the years, her practice has flourished, evolving from its inception to becoming a valuable resource to the Chislehurst Community. In 2004, Tanya’s practice expanded, relocating to The Chislehurst Business Centre. Continuing this success, in 2024, she decided to join Jackie, moving her practice to work alongside Jackie and the rest of the team at the Osteo & Therapy Hub, providing a peaceful and accessible location for her clients. 

Tanya’s Approach

Tanya enjoys the challenges of treating a diverse range of conditions from addressing low back pain to alleviating headaches and easing stiff hips and kneesShe treats using traditional osteopathic styles including hands-on work to muscles and joints with articulation, manipulation and soft tissue massage techniques, as well as using cranio-sacral osteopathic techniques in both adults and children. She has experience treating people from wide variety of backgrounds and ages from babies to older individuals well into their ninetiesAll of this breadth allows Tanya to tailor her approach to each patients’ unique needs giving comprehensive and personalised care.

Personal life

Tanya enjoys a variety of activities in her non-working time.  She likes to cook and enjoys cooking for many of her family and friends.  Reading is a favourite pastime particularly murder mysteries, being a fan of the golden age writers like Agatha Christie, Dorothy L Sayers and Freeman Wills Croft. She has a garden in which she likes to spend time, attempting to grow flowers and vegetables with varying degrees of success.   

To keep fit she participates in pilates classes and in the warmer weather braves the waters of a local lake to swim outdoors.

Tanya Abbotson - Osteopath
Tanya Abbotson - Osteopath
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