Jackie has long had a dream to open her own osteopathy clinic incorporating massage, nutritional therapy and counselling, ideally in the middle of the countryside in an old farmhouse, with treatment rooms located in the stables, and physical therapy suite in an old barn, little did she know that a chance comment by a long term patient (Catherine Springform – horse woman extraordinaire & sports massage therapist) would result in the start of the slow process to achieving her dream which has finally become Osteo & Therapy Hub – Chislehurst & Sidcup, at Frogpool Manor Farm.


She graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2008 with a Batchelors in Osteopathy, driven by her own positive experiences with osteopathy in treating her sports injuries where traditional medical avenues fell short.


Before pursuing osteopathy, Jackie Gowland studied Psychology & Anthropology at Goldsmiths University. Following her graduation, she gained professional experience in Human Resources and IT Project Management, working with several large blue-chip firms in the UK, Singapore, and Indonesia. This diverse background informs her holistic approach to healthcare and her commitment to understanding the complexities of health and well-being. 

After working as a locum and an associate while pregnant, Jackie assumed ownership of the Chislehurst Clinic Osteopathic Practice in 2009 and the Blackfen Osteopathic Clinic in January 2014. In 2022, she relocated the clinic to Frogpool Manor Farm, embracing the tranquil surroundings and enjoying the farm’s peaceful ambiance during breaks, surrounded by animals and fresh air. 

Jackie’s Approach to Osteopathy

Inspired by her own journey of healing, Jackie brings a deep understanding and empathy to her practice, providing effective and personalized care to her patients. Her commitment to osteopathy stems from firsthand experience, fuelling her passion for helping others achieve relief and wellness through individualised healthcare approaches

She is dedicated to empowering you to regain control of your body and facilitating its natural healing processes to manage pain effectively. She takes the time to comprehend the root causes of your discomfort, examining how they have manifested physically in your symptoms. Through thorough examination and discussion, Jackie explains her diagnosis and proposed treatment, ensuring you understand the reasons behind her recommendations. 

Passionate about the benefits of physical activity and exercise for overall health, Jackie emphasises their importance in your wellness journey. She encourages you to engage in physical activities suited to your interests and abilities, recognizing the vital role they play in promoting vitality and managing pain within your limitations. 

Personal life

Prior to having her children, Jackie was a keen traveller and a competitive hockey player. Now she focuses on keeping fit by walking with the family and dog, swimming, and pilates.  

Jackie’s commitment to her community extends beyond the clinic, where she frequently provides first aid support to the Dartfordian’s RFU Girls rugby teams on the side of the rugby pitch. Her dedication to ensuring the well-being of these athletes may occasionally result in her being hoarse in the clinic, a testament to her active involvement and passion for supporting others both on and off the field.

Jackie Gowland Osteopath mobilising a patients hip
Jackie Gowland - Osteopath & Owner of Osteo & Therapy Hub
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